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Absolute Concierge Health Care

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Absolute Concierge Health Care

2017 Fee Schedule


Updated August 1, 2017

Most primary care services are covered under your one annual payment of $720 (or monthly payments if you prefer), however, some services are beyond the scope of this program and incur additional cost when needed. Nevertheless, enrolled members of Absolute Concierge Health Care receive discounts on most additional services. Below is a Schedule of services and the pricing for each.


1 adult $60 Per Month
2 Adults $100 Per Month
Per Child $15 Per Month
One Time Processing Fee $75

First time signup has no waiting period, it starts on the first day of the month. If coverage is dropped there will be a 30 day waiting period to re-apply (if there's room). There's a 5 day grace period for payment, NSF on a check, cancels coverage instantly. There will be a $50 fee for lapse in coverage. Childrens coverage requires at least one adult.

Ancef Injection $0
B12 Injection $0
Decadron Injection $0
EKG $0 (1 Per Year)
Office Visit $0
Rocephin Injection $0
Urinalysis $0
Urine Pregancy Test $0
Depo Estradiol Injection $50
Pneumonia Vaccination $80
Urine Drug Screen $30

Any blood work will be billed to you directly by DRL Laboratories

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you as your Provider of choice for all your health care needs.