Absolute Concierge Health Care

390 West Texas Avenue, Waskom, Texas

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Absolute Concierge Health Care

Direct Primary Care Without Insurance. For as little as $2 per day.

Eliminate the insurance companies from your health care

Cutting Out Insurance Companies

Health Care for Less

  • One affordable payment for all your primary health care

  • Pay less than other health care packages

  • Your private health care provider, recognizes you, knows who you are, and knows your history and preferences

  • Eliminate all the paperwork. No insurance filings. Opt out of the Big Health Care Machine

  • Reduced cash prices for Radiology tests at Open Imaging in Longview, TX

  • Health care from someone who knows and likes you and will actually talk to you, who cares about your health and happiness

  • Kenneth Volk's Absolute Concierge Health Care provides real advantages and lowers health care costs while saving you money


Concierge Medicine

Are you a small business person who wants to give your employees an affordable health care benefit alternative? Concierge Health Care is a value you will use and appreciate.

Concierge providers care for fewer patients than in a conventional practice. We limit our total enrollment to 600 patients instead of the 3,000 to 6,000 that the average provider now sees every year. We make ourselves more accessible by giving patients more face time.

Annualized fees are paid monthly. You are protected from inflationary cost raises.

Why Enroll in Concierge Health Care?

Get better health care services for less money - It is really that simple. Wouldn't you prefer to have a professional health care provider, who is a friend, available for telephone calls, perscriptions, diagnoses, and treatment?


Concierge Medicine is Not for Just the Wealthy

You may have seen the USA Network television series Royal Pains that features a concierge doctor who is employed by a very rich client. Why not enjoy similar services, designed for the working person, while lowering medical costs? Enroll in Absolute Concierge Health Care.

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